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SAP GL Account Workflow & Compliance

Promenta’s SAP GL Account Workflow solution enables a web based, audited and reportable process for GL Account creation, changes and extensions.

Easy to use for both singular and mass data processes.


Promenta Solution Overview

Promenta’s SAP GL Account Workflow is a web-based, audited, and reportable solution, enabling automation, compliance and control for all GL Account processes. It deploys and runs inside SAP ECC or S/4 HANA and integrates with your existing SAP rules, transactional validation and security model. Promenta works with a fully validated virtual GL Account record, including external attachments, which is then cleanly created in SAP when all multi-team data entry and approvals are in place. A high level of data integrity is ensured, at every stage of the process, through transactional simulation. Flexible approval routing is possible at multiple approval levels. All SAP GL Account fields are supported. Book a demo to find out more about SAP GL Account Workflow!

Why Promenta SAP GL Account Workflow?

Why Promenta Solutions
  • Digitize all SAP GL Account data maintenance activity
  • Automate SAP GL Account Workflow with a multi-team, streamlined, compliant web based process
    • Create, change, extend
  • Powerful GL Account search capability and duplication checking
  • Highly configurable user interface enabling your exact Teams and Fields within the process
  • Multiple GL Account attachments can be included in requests (saved in SAP against GL Account)
  • Full update simulation against SAP rules, before each team can submit/approve the request
  • Flexible workflow routing capability using any meaningful field in the request (Company Code, Functional Area, Account Type etc.)
  • Automatic update in SAP on final approval
  • Ability to setup approval substitutes and forward requests
  • Email notifications and “team inbox” capability
  • Comprehensive audit and real-time process reporting (including process ageing by team)
  • Ability to remove all powerful SAP transaction codes from end users
  • Promenta runs 100% inside your own SAP ECC or S/4 HANA system (SAP Certified Partner Product). No cloud or external server integration required.


SAP GL Account Workflow – Audited & Reportable Approvals

Promenta Workflow Audit and Reporting


The Promenta SAP GL Account Workflow solution comes with built in workflow software, which is highly configurable to accommodate your own rules. Workflows route automatically to designated data maintainers and approvers, according to meaningful fields in the request such as Company Code, Functional Area, Account Type (and more). Approvers are notified by email and can also access their own personal inbox to maintain data and/or approve requests. Where applicable, approvers can set up substitute approvers when they are out of office and forward requests to authorized colleagues.


SAP Workflow Approval Routing Rules

The workflow routing rules – sometimes called the approval matrix – defines who your approvers are according to your process. Promenta allows you to define anything from very simple one-step approvals to multi-team, multi-step, multi-level approvals, based on all kinds of data. We will collaborate with your project team to ensure a smooth translation of your exact workflow routing needs and Approval Groups, into our Promenta SAP GL Account Workflow configuration tool. When this has been defined, Promenta has a powerful SAP based transaction, which gives full audited control to your own in-house teams, to assign users in and out of your designated Approval Groups.


SAP GL Account Workflow – Reporting

Promenta provides a comprehensive GL Account process reporting capability delivering full transparency on all GL Account activity. Your process controllers and support teams will know exactly which GL Account requests have been fully approved, updated and completed and which are still pending approval and update in SAP. In addition to GL Account process reporting, Promenta provides a real-time reportable audit trail of all users who have approved or rejected a specific GL Account request, providing all the information that your auditors require to prove you are running a well-planned and controlled process. All of this real-time reporting is available securely from within your SAP system itself.

SAP GL Account Workflow Compliance

Promenta Process Compliance

SAP GL Account Workflow Compliance

SAP GL Account Workflow compliance is often a key driver for our clients in implementing Promenta, which enables a consistent, rule based, controlled process for all SAP GL Account changes. Promenta enables compliance in these key areas:

  • End to end, fully audited, GL Account data entry and approval process, with full audit trail preserved inside Promenta, within SAP. All users involved in requesting and approving the GL Account request are audited and are fully reportable from within SAP using Promenta reporting tools
  • Enforcement of segregation of duties (SOD), whereby a requester cannot approve their own request, unless of course the rules allow it, for specific pre-defined types of request
  • Only authorized SAP users who are allowed to make requests can do so for specific parts of the business
  • Opportunity to remove all powerful SAP transaction codes from end users in your SAP system, supporting Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance initiatives